Cart 2 Quote Forms

Magento 2 Custom Get Cart Quote Forms Extension

Cart 2 Quote Form

Magento 2.3, 2.4
Community, Enterprise, Cloud

Create custom quote request forms with automatically attached cart contents. Insert the "Get Quote" button in the customer cart. Replace checkout button with the custom quote request form popup. Receive email notification with quote requests.

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  • Build Quote Request Form
  • Embed The Popup Form In The Cart
  • Get Inquiry Email With Cart Contents
  • Attach Cart Contents To All Forms
  • Send Customer Email Auto Response
  • Browse/filter/export Customer Inquiries


A quick glance at frontend and backend functions.


custom cart2quote cart to quote form

B2B stores, private sales or many other specific sales models may require you to have products with floating pricing. If you sell products in larger quantities, or you have customizable products you will need to get some input from the client before the quotation price can be calculated.

Cart2Quote Form extension for Magento 2 lets you easily place the "Get Quote" button in the customer cart. The animated popup with the custom form is displayed on the button click which can be used by the customer to request the price. After the form is submitted the responsible person receives the email with the requested product information and all the custom data that client specified.

Magento 2 Cart To Quote extension

  • Create custom quote request forms
  • Insert "Request Quote" button on cart pages
  • Show the form to selected user groups only
  • Send quote requests to admin email
  • Send auto response to the customer
  • Collect, filter and export quote requests
  • Reply to quote requests from admin panel
  • Full multi-store configuration
  • Easily translatable to multiple languages
  • REST API & GraphQL

Magento 2 Get Quote module

Build the quote form

Wide array of field types and configuration options allow you to design any type of the quote request form in your Magento 2 store.

  • Over 25 field types
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Multi-step forms
  • Fully responsive templates
  • Field dependency
quote form design
get quote button

Get quote button

Design the "Get Quote" button, set the custom text, CSS classes. Configure on Store View level. Choose where to place the button via CSS selector.

  • Embed the button in the cart page
  • Embed the button in the minicart
  • Set custom CSS
  • Set custom translatable text
  • Set the placement of the button via CSS selector

Configure for B2B customers

Allow your customers to put products in their carts, specify quantities and ask for a custom quote price for the whole bundle. Select which customer groups can access to the quotation form.

  • Configure plugin for specific store
  • Grant access to quotation form for specific customer groups
quote form configuration
cart to quote email notification

Email notifications

Instantly get the list of requested products with all additional information to your email address.

  • Get admin notification with requested products
  • Completely customize the email template
  • Send customer automatic reply to his email

Form builder

Multiple field types

The Magento 2 quote request plugin includes multiple field types such as text, dropdown, radio group, checkboxes, image picker, calendar, color picker, file upload and more.

customer registration form multiple field types
customer registration form input validation

Input validation

The form builder has the functionality to check customer data before it gets submitted. Use the built-in validations or a custom regular expression and display the configurable error message.

Multi-language translations

Prepare your quote request forms to be displayed in multiple languages in your Magento store. Translate every text with the simple set of controls.

customer registration form translation
customer registration form language
customer registration form conditional logic show hide field

Add conditional logic to quote forms

Our module allows you to build dynamic get quote forms in your Magento 2 store and show / hide form elements based on the client selection.

Quote requests management

Full data management solution

All quote requests are stored in the database and can be accessed from the Magento 2 backend. The admin ui offers filtering, sorting, editing and data export functions.

quote request grid
customer registration form data export csv xml

Export requests to CSV and XML

You can export all collected date through the Magento 2 admin panel and use it with 3rd party application such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

Print to PDF optional

The quote request can be converted to a PDF file with the custom template. The PDF file can be created automatically on customer submission and sent to the admin email address. Or it can be manually printed from the Magento 2 admin panel.

The PDF feature should be purchased separately here.

customer registration form print pdf
customer registration form rest api


Our Magento 2 plugins come with the built-in REST API and GraphQL support. You can perform following operations with these interfaces:

  • Get the quote request data
  • Submit the quote request
  • Get the quote requests listing
  • Get quote request by the result ID

Integrate with popular CRMs

Zendesk integration optional

Instantly create Zendesk support tickets from quote requests.

  • Configure integration for each quote request form
  • Assign default group for new requests
  • Specify ticket priority and type
  • Assign followers for the ticket
  • Add custom tags to quote requests

Zendesk Integration should be purchased separately here.

zendesk logo
mailchimp logo

Mailchimp integration optional

Easily create Mailchimp contacts from new Magento 2 quote requests. Map quote request fields to Mailchimp attributes.

  • Map Mailchimp fields to quote request fields
  • Assign Mailchimp tags to new contacts
  • Add Mailchimp groups selector to quote request form
  • Use diverse input types for Mailchimp group selection: dropdown, multiselect, radio, checkbox

Mailchimp Integration should be purchased separately here.

Salesforce integration optional

Create Salesforce leads from quote requests. Map Magento 2 quote request form fields to Salesforce lead attributes.

  • Map Salesforce fields to quote request form fields
  • Map standard and any custom Salesforce attributes

Salesforce Integration should be purchased separately here.

salesforce logo
zoho crm logo

Zoho CRM integration optional

Generate Zoho CRM leads from quote requests. Map Magento custom quote request form fields to Zoho CRM lead data attributes.

  • Create Zoho CRM Lead object from the quote request
  • Create Zoho Desk Ticket from the quote request
  • Map quote request fields to any standard or custom Zoho CRM attributes

Zoho CRM Integration should be purchased separately here.

HubSpot integration optional

Convert quote requests to HubSpot contacts and companies. Map any standard or custom HubSpot entity properties to form fields.

  • Create HubSpot contacts and companies
  • Connect forms to HubSpot ticketing system
  • Map any standard or custom HubSpot properties

HubSpot Integration should be purchased separately here.

hubspot logo
klaviyo logo

Klaviyo integration optional

Create and track Klaviyo profiles on quote request. Map quote request form fields to Klaviyo profile properties.

  • Create Klaviyo profile on quote request
  • Map any standard or custom property
  • Collect customer GDPR consents
  • Track profile activity

Klaviyo Integration should be purchased separately here.

Freshdesk integration optional

Create Freshdesk tickets on form submission. Map any standard or custom Freshdesk ticket properties to form fields.

  • Configure Freshdesk integration for each form
  • Assign support group for new submissions
  • Set new ticket priority and type
  • Assign agents for the ticket
  • Add custom tags to new tickets

Freshdesk Integration should be purchased separately here.

freshdesk logo


hide price installation

Easy installation

You have 2 options to install the plugin:

  • Use sFTP program to copy files from zip archive to your server
  • Use Composer to install package from our private repository
hide price easy configuration

Easy configuration

Very simple configuration lets you achieve a wide array of goals.

hide price form multi-language


Multiple stores and multiple languages supported.

hide price open source

100% open source

The plugin comes 100% in open code and doesn’t have any encoded or obfuscated files.


Choose your options.


  • Build request for quote forms
  • Embed "Get Quote" button in the cart
  • Configure which customers can ask for quote
  • Receive quote requests by email
  • Browse quote requests from backend
  • Requires WebForms Pro 3 - Form Builder
  • 1 year of support and updates included



Includes WebForms Pro 3 and Cart2Quote Forms Add-on.

  • Full featured form builder included
  • Over 25 field types
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Multi-step forms
  • Fully responsive templates
  • REST API and GraphQL ready
  • 1 year of support and updates included


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Oct 6 2022
  • Fix: now possible to deselect all areas in Show In in configuration.
Sep 20 2022
  • New: "add cart to submissions" parameter added to configuration.
Sep 8 2022
  • Initial release.

Frequently Asked Questions

The license allows activation of the plugin within one production Magento instance with multiple store views.

The license can be freely deactivated and moved to another Magento instance if needed.

The plugin you purchase is for lifetime usage but the access to technical support and updates is limited to one year. So in case you need to get the extension update or require technical support after a year you will need to prolong the license.

You can activate the purchased license in the development/staging environment and then move the license to the production environment by deactivating it in the admin panel and re-activating it in the new instance.

Please contact us if you require additional development licenses.

Yes, you can do that by contacting us.

No, we don't offer customizations for our modules but you can submit the feature request and it will be reviewed by our team.

Yes, you can customize our plugins to your needs. All our plugins come in 100% open code.

You can change the license from Community to Enterprise / Cloud by paying the difference cost. Please contact us for details.

You won't have access to product updates after the support period is ended and we won't be able to provide you with technical support.

You can extend your support period by paying the discounted product price.

You can request the refund within 30 days after the initial purchase. Please find more details on our Refund Policy page.