Best Magento 2 Form Builder Extensions for 2024

Best Magento Form Builders 2024


Are you looking to take your Magento 2 eCommerce site to the next level with advanced Magento 2 form builders? Enhancing user interactions with efficient and dynamic web forms can significantly boost engagement and streamline operational processes, making them essential tools for any eCommerce platform.

What is a Form Builder and Why Do You Need One?

Form builders are indispensable tools for any Magento 2 site, enabling the seamless creation of interactive forms crucial for user interactions such as order placements and customer support inquiries. Utilizing top-rated Magento 2 form builder tools ensures your site captures essential data efficiently, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Criteria for Choosing a Form Builder

When selecting a form builder for Magento 2, it's important to consider:

  • Ease of Use: Ensure the tool is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Customization Options: The builder should offer flexible design options to tailor forms that meet your business needs.
  • Integration Capabilities: It should integrate effortlessly with Magento 2's ecosystem.
  • Reliable Support: Choose providers known for their solid customer support and regular updates.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Assess the value it brings in relation to its price.

Top 5 Magento 2 Form Builders for 2024

1. MageMe WebForms

MageMe WebForms excels in versatility and functionality, suitable for any form type. Its interface facilitates easy management of both simple and highly complex forms. It offers swift technical support, frequent feature updates, and a variety of add-ons to enhance its capabilities. Additionally, it boasts the most extensive set of system integrations among competitors.

Key Features:

  • Versatile for all form types
  • Easy management of numerous fields
  • Swift technical support
  • Frequent updates with new features
  • Extensive system integrations

Price: €169 (Community) / €399 (Enterprise, Cloud)

2. Amasty Custom Form

Amasty Custom Form

Amasty Custom Form offers a user-friendly, lightweight form builder with a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the design process. Ideal for small web forms, it includes features like user result editing and popup forms, streamlining the creation of straightforward forms.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Ideal for small web forms
  • Features like user result editing
  • Popup forms included

Price: $229 (Community) / $529 (Enterprise) / $829 (Cloud)

3. Magezon Blue Form Builder

Magezon Blue Form

Magezon Blue Form Builder stands out with its robust and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, tailored for designers seeking precise control over their form layouts. This builder integrates seamlessly with various page elements, making it ideal for creating visually intricate and functional forms. It is especially suited for crafting detailed forms that require a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Advanced drag-and-drop interface
  • Visual control over complex layouts
  • Elements from page builder for rich design
  • Extensive visual settings
  • Suitable for professional designers

Price: $169 (Community) / $369 (Enterprise, Cloud)

4. Landofcoder Form Builder

Landofcoder Form Builder

Landofcoder Form Builder features a sophisticated interface that allows extensive customization of form appearance, leveraging the Bootstrap framework. Best suited for creating simple forms without advanced features like logic or survey modes, it caters to users prioritizing visual design flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated drag-and-drop interface
  • Extensive customization of form appearance
  • Based on the Bootstrap framework
  • Best for simple forms

Price: $199 (Community) / $299 (Enterprise, Cloud)

5. Mageplaza Custom Form

Mageplaza Custom Form

Mageplaza Custom Form is the most straightforward tool in this lineup, designed for easy creation of basic web forms. While it offers limited visual customization, it includes essential features such as show/hide logic for fields and multi-step forms, making it accessible for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Simplest tool in the lineup
  • Easy to create basic web forms
  • Features like show/hide logic for fields
  • Supports multi-step forms

Price: $199 (Community) / $399 (Enterprise, Cloud)

Comparison Table

Criteria MageMe WebForms Amasty Custom Form Magezon Blue Form Builder Landofcoder Form Builder Mageplaza Custom Form
Interface Conventional Drag and drop Drag and drop Drag and drop Drag and drop
Ease of Use Easy Easy Moderate Moderate Easy
Customization Options Extensive: Full control over layout, styles, and functionality Limited: Basic styling options Advanced: Layout and style control Advanced: Layout and style control Limited: Basic layout customization
Hyvä Compatibility check check check clear clear
Breeze Compatibility check clear clear clear clear
Technical Support 12 months 12 months 3 months 12 months 12 months
Design Flexibility Complex multi-column layouts Simple 3-column layout Complex multi-column layout Complex multi-column layout Simple 2-column layout
Conditional Logic check check check clear check
Multi-page Forms check check check clear check
Scalability Small to extra large forms Small forms Small forms Small forms Small forms
Data Export Yes (CSV, XML, PDF) Yes (CSV, XML, PDF) Yes (CSV, PDF) Yes (CSV) Yes (CSV, XML)
Reply From Admin Panel check check clear clear clear
Slide-out Form check clear clear clear clear
Survey Mode check check check clear clear
Result Approval check check clear clear clear
Publish Results In Frontend check check clear clear clear
Popup Forms check check check clear clear
Spam Protection reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, Turnstile reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA
Multi-store Support Configuration of each form parameter (like in catalog) Create form copy for each store Create form copy for each store Create form copy for each store Create form copy for each store
Ready Integrations Klaviyo, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zendesk, ZohoCRM, HubSpot, Freshdesk, REST API, GraphQL MailChimp, Rest API, GraphQl Zapier, Mailchimp clear clear
Price (Community) €169 $229 $169 $199 $199

Thoughts on Drag and Drop UI

Drag and drop interfaces are visually intuitive and work well for smaller forms. However, they can become cumbersome with larger forms containing around 100 fields or more, significantly slowing down the process to the point of impracticality. Such interfaces do not allow for easy selection, filtering, or bulk editing of fields (e.g., making fields required), requiring each field to be adjusted individually. Additionally, it's easy to accidentally move fields with drag and drop, whereas conventional UIs prevent unintended design changes.


Selecting the right Magento 2 form builder is critical for enhancing user interaction and operational efficiency on your eCommerce platform. With the right tools, you can create a more engaging and effective online presence that scales with your business needs.

The detailed comparison illustrates diverse options, from MageMe WebForms for complex, large-scale needs to Mageplaza Custom Form for more straightforward applications. Your selection should align with your specific requirements in terms of usability, customization, and integration capabilities, ensuring that the form builder not only meets your current needs but also scales with your business growth.