Best Magento 2 Request for Quote Extensions 2024

Best Magento Request For Quote Extensions 2024


In 2024, Magento 2 continues to excel in e-commerce efficiency, particularly with its powerful "Magento 2 Request for Quote" extensions. These tools are essential for businesses aiming to enhance customer interaction and streamline the quotation process. This blog post delves into the best "Magento 2 Quote Extensions," helping merchants customize offers, negotiate deals, and improve sales conversions.

Top 5 Magento 2 Request For Quote Plugins 2024

1. MageMe EasyQuote

MageMe EasyQuote revolutionizes the Magento 2 Request for Quote process by distinctly separating quote requests from actual quotations, streamlining operations significantly. This innovative plugin allows customers to initiate requests using a customized form directly from the standard shopping cart, drastically simplifying interactions. Designed to automate and facilitate the entire pricing request and management process, MageMe EasyQuote minimizes steps to enhance user experience and accelerate workflow, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Separate Requests and Quotes
  • Customizable Forms Integrated within the Standard Cart
  • Simplified Quote Requests
  • Comprehensive Admin Management
  • Automatic Notifications for Efficiency
  • Fully Compatible with Hyvä Themes

Price: €179 (Community) / €429 (Enterprise, Cloud)

Support: 12 months

2. Cart2Quote


Cart2Quote offers a robust quote management system tailored for Magento 2, making it a powerhouse for transforming complex business demands into streamlined processes. This extension is particularly suited for large enterprises, allowing seamless conversion of quotes to orders. With its sophisticated dashboard, Cart2Quote supports all aspects of quote management, from creation through to fulfillment, providing enterprises with the tools they need for comprehensive quote operations.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Separate Quote Cart
  • Convert Quotes to Orders
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Detailed Permissions
  • Quote Status Updates
  • Hyvä Compatibility

Price: €249 (Starter) / €399 (Business) / €599 (Enterprise)

Support: 6 months (Starter) / 9 months (Business) / 12 months (Enterprise)

3. Mageplaza Request for Quote

Mageplaza Request For Quote

The Mageplaza Request for Quote extension simplifies the quoting process in Magento 2, enabling customers to easily request pricing on individual products, multiple items, or their entire shopping cart. This flexibility allows store owners to adjust, approve, or reject quotes directly, fostering direct communication with customers and providing a dynamic pricing environment. Mageplaza's extension is designed for businesses that require versatility and customer interaction in their quoting process.

Key Features:

  • Separate Quote Cart
  • AJAX Quick Quote Sidebar
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Customer Comments
  • Multi-store Support

Price: $249 (Community) / $849 (Enterprise, Cloud)

Support: 12 months

4. Amasty Request a Quote

Amasty Request a Quote

Amasty's Request a Quote extension enhances Magento 2's capability by allowing quote requests at both the product and category levels. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that offer guest quoting and need the ability to hide prices to stimulate negotiations and increase quote requests. The extension caters to companies looking for advanced functionality in managing complex pricing scenarios and customer interactions.

Key Features:

  • Quoting at Product and Category Levels
  • Guest Quote Requests
  • Detailed Quote Adjustment
  • Automatic Quote Approval
  • Hyvä Compatibility

Price: $349 (Community) / $649 (Enterprise) / $949 (Cloud)

Support: 12 months

5. Aheadworks Cart to Quote

Aheadworks Cart to Quote

Aheadworks delivers a seamless Request for Quote module that integrates effortlessly with Magento 2, providing an efficient solution for handling quote requests. This module is equipped with features for file attachments and admin-side quote adjustments, offering substantial control and flexibility. Designed for businesses that require detailed administrative capabilities, Aheadworks B2B Cart to Quote ensures a smooth transition from quote requests to order fulfillment.

Key Features:

  • Separate Quote Cart
  • File attachments support
  • Admin-side quote editing and adjustment
  • Detailed administrative controls
  • Hyvä-compatible

Price: $299 (Community) / $599 (Enterprise, Cloud)

Support: 1 month, after a month you need to pay for 1 month or 12 months subscription to get support


Every "Magento 2 Request for Quote" extension reviewed—MageMe EasyQuote, Cart2Quote, Mageplaza, Amasty, and Aheadworks—effectively addresses the essential needs of price inquiries within the Magento ecosystem. The selection of a "Magento 2 Quote Extension" significantly impacts how effectively a business can manage customer interactions and quote processing.

For SMEs, MageMe EasyQuote is the perfect "Magento 2 Quote Extension," offering a straightforward yet comprehensive solution. It includes all essential features for efficient quote management without unnecessary complexity, ideal for businesses seeking simplicity and effectiveness.

For larger enterprises requiring extensive customization and advanced functionalities, Cart2Quote offers unparalleled capabilities. As a leading "Magento 2 Quote Extension," it is equipped to handle complex scenarios and a high volume of requests, thanks to its comprehensive features, including detailed permissions and robust management tools.