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Disable direct orders and hide catalog prices for anonymous visitors.

Hide Catalog Prices Replace Buy Button Login To View Prices


A quick glance at frontend and backend functions.


Hide catalog prices

Hide catalog prices from your website completely.

hide catalog prices

Useful when you have a wholesale website and you don't want your wholesale price to be visible for the public.

Remove "Add to Cart" button

Disable the ability to purchase the product on your website.

hide price remove add to cart button

Remove the "add to cart" button so it's not possible to add the product to the cart.

Show prices for authorized users

Limit the plugin functions for anonymous users only.

hide prices for anonymous user

Price is hidden for anonymous visitor.

show price for logged in customer

Price is shown for logged in customer.

Display custom html text instead of the price

Let visitors know how to obtain the price information.

replace price with custom text

Replace price with the custom button

Show custom popup message with extended text.

replace price with button and popup message


hide price installation

Easy installation

You have 2 options to install the plugin:

  • Use sFTP program to copy files from zip archive to your server
  • Use Composer to install package from our private repository
hide price integration

Easy integration

  • Use “Insert Widget” button to add form to any CMS page.
  • Use Content > Blocks section to add form to multiple site areas
  • Use XML code to add form through layout file
  • Use PHP code to insert form in phtml template
hide price form multi-language


Multiple stores and multiple languages supported.

hide price open source

100% open source

The plugin comes 100% in open code and doesn’t have any encoded or obfuscated files.


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*no support is offered for free plugins.


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Jan 19 2022

  • Fixed wrong "out of stock" indicator on some product types .

Nov 26 2021

  • Configuration section reorganized

Apr 8 2020

  • Fix: add to cart button is back

Minor updates

  • New: minor interface changes

New feature

  • New: configuration option to hide product swatches

Feature update

  • New: Added button color configuration options
  • Fix: Tier price is now hidden too

Bug fix

  • Fix: Store view configuration fix

Initial release

  • Initial release

Frequently Asked Questions

The license allows activation of the plugin within one production Magento instance with multiple store views.

The license can be freely deactivated and moved to another Magento instance if needed.

The plugin you purchase is for lifetime usage but the access to technical support and updates is limited to one year. So in case you need to get the extension update or require technical support after a year you will need to prolong the license.

You can activate the purchased license in the development/staging environment and then move the license to the production environment by deactivating it in the admin panel and re-activating it in the new instance.

Please contact us if you require additional development licenses.

Yes, you can do that by contacting us.

No, we don't offer customizations for our modules but you can submit the feature request and it will be reviewed by our team.

Yes, you can customize our plugins to your needs. All our plugins come in 100% open code.

You can change the license from Community to Enterprise / Cloud by paying the difference cost. Please contact us for details.

You won't have access to product updates after the support period is ended and we won't be able to provide you with technical support.

You can extend your support period by paying the discounted product price.

You can request the refund within 30 days after the initial purchase. Please find more details on our Refund Policy page.


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