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WebForms Pro

Magento 2.3, 2.4
Community, Enterprise, Cloud

Need to build a custom form for your Magento 2 store?
Be it a simple sidebar contacts form or a 50 questions survey WebForms Pro can handle it with ease!

Hyvä ready
  • 27+ Input Types
  • Field Dependency
  • Spam Protection
  • Multi-step Forms
  • Popup Forms
  • Slide-out Forms
  • Export / Import Forms
  • Export Data In Csv / Xml
  • Email Notifications


A quick glance at frontend and backend functions.


Magento 2 custom form

Creating custom forms can be long and difficult process. Modifying such forms can create site errors and affect sales when done unprofessionally. It may be a good idea to use dedicated software to economy time and money.

The plugin doesn’t require any coding skills to use it to bring you the best user experience. Our form builder has been known for its reliability and has earned recognition among Magento online store owners. Typical forms created with MageMe WebForms:

  • Custom contacts forms
  • RMA forms
  • RFQ forms
  • Survey questionnaires
  • Testimonials forms
  • Inquiry forms
  • Application forms
  • Warranty registrations
  • Multi-step forms
  • Popup forms
  • Sidebar forms
  • Pop-up forms

Design options

Multi-column layout

WebForms Pro plugin is using internal responsive grid CSS which allows you design complex forms. With these options you can create any multi-column custom form in your Magento 2 store. Smartly developed CSS stylesheet guarantees that form fields stay perfectly aligned in all use cases.

custom form multi-column
responsive custom form

Optimized for mobile

Our Magento custom form builder allows you to manually optimize form layouts to various devices screen widths. All form elements can be adapted to common screen sizes: small (smartphone), medium (tablet), large (desktop).

Popup forms

custom form button with popup

Display the custom form in a popup window via button click anywhere in your store. Use "Button with popup" widget to place the button on any CMS or catalog page. This can be used to effectively hide the form and reveal it only once its needed.

Online Demo
custom multi-step forms

Multi-step forms

The custom form extension allows you to easily break large forms in multiple pages. The multipage feature lets you convert each form fieldset into a separate logical step. Furthermore, you can utilize the conditional logic rules to show/hide steps on certain customer choices.

Online Demo

Slide-out forms

Now customers can instantly contact you with the slide-out form on any page of the site.

custom form slide out

Product Options Pro optional

Use the form builder to create advanced custom options for your Magento 2 catalog products.

  • Create option templates
  • Add options dependency
  • Create popup product options
  • Create multi-step product configuration

The Product Options Pro add-on can be purchased here.

Online Demo
product custom options
catalog inquiry button

Product Inquiry Form optional

Embed custom request forms in your Magento catalog pages. Attach product information to the form submission.

  • Create custom request form
  • Configure the inquiry button
  • Embed the button on selected catalog pages
  • Limit the button to specific customer groups

Product Inquiry Form add-on can be purchased here.

Online Demo

Cart 2 Quote Form optional

Create custom quote request forms with automatically attached cart contents. Insert the "Get Quote" button in the customer cart. Replace checkout button with the custom quote request form popup.

  • Create custom quote request forms
  • Insert "Request Quote" button on cart pages
  • Show the form to selected user groups only
  • Send quote requests to admin email

The Cart 2 Quote add-on can be purchased here.

Online Demo
custom cart2quote cart to quote form

Form builder features

Over 27 field types

Use multiple field types provided by our Magento 2 WebForms Form Builder extension.

  • Text
  • Email
  • Number
  • Url
  • Password
  • Auto-complete
  • Textarea
  • Color Picker
  • Phone Number
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • HTML Block
  • Select
  • Radio Group
  • Checkbox Group
  • Select Contact
  • Country
  • State / Province
  • Gallery / Select Image
  • Subscription Checkbox
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date of Birth
  • Star Rating
  • File Upload
  • Image Upload
  • Hidden
  • Google Map
custom form input validation mb-3

Data validation

Check the customer input with the extension built-in validation rules in your Magento store. Use regular expressions for complex form data verifications against specific patterns as the user types text. Create unique fields so that it's not possible to submit the same data twice.

Fully translatable

Our module allows you to easily translate form elements for any Magento store view. A straightforward user interface lets you define custom text for another language. It's also possible to overwrite most form parameters other than texts as well.

custom form translation
custom form language
custom form conditional logic show hide field mb-3

Dependent fields

Create dynamic web forms by showing or hiding specific fields on user selections. Use conditional logic rules to ask your customers clarifying questions. Use the field dependency feature in our Magento 2 form builder to display custom html blocks for extra information hints.

File uploads

Allow customers upload their files. Use dropzone to upload multiple files at once. Limit allowed file types (for example: jpeg, gif, png) and limit maximum uploaded file size.

  • Browse uploaded files from Magento admin panel
  • Resize large images on customer upload
  • Attach customer uploaded files to admin notifications
  • Files are stored securely (only allowed person can download them)
custom form file upload dropzone
contact form digital signature

Digital signature optional

Add a digital signature input to your contact forms you can use our specifically designed add-on for Magento WebForms plugin. This extra plugin adds the ability to add specially optimized drawing canvas input to any custom form. Once customer completes the contact form the signed data can be sent to the administrator email address with the signature attached. All signatures are stored in the Magento database and can only be accessed by the authenticated administrator user.

Digital signature add-on can be purchased here.

Online Demo

Page Builder ready

Use WebForms blocks within the Magento page builder interface. Drag and drop the web form on any CMS page or static block, display submission results such as customer testimonials.

custom form page builder blocks
custom form prefill customer data

Pre-filled fields

  • Pre-fill Magento contact forms with current logged in customer data (name, email, address)
  • Use URL parameters to set field values. Example:
    https://mystore.com/contacts?name=John%[email protected]
  • Use Hidden fields to store any custom information

SPAM protection

Our Magento 2 custom forms extension has the best spam protection integrated. We have integrated 4 popular bot detection services for you to choose from:

  • Google reCAPTCHA v2
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3
  • Cloudflare Turnstile
  • hCaptcha
contact form spam protection recaptcha
contact form import export

Duplicate, export, import forms

Transfer contact forms from one Magento store to another using our form builder plugin export / import functionality. Reduce the development time by creating reusable form templates for your projects and import them when needed. Also, the duplication feature allows you to quickly create copies of existing fields, fieldsets and entire forms.

Data management

Manage submissions from the Magento backend.

custom form result management grid

All submission data is stored in the Magento database and you can perform all common operations from admin panel data grid:

  • Filter collected information
  • Submit forms from backend
  • Edit or delete submission
  • Approve form submissions
  • Export data to CSV / XML
  • Send email notifications
  • Reply to form submission
  • Generate PDF documents

Approval system

Review collected form results in Magento backend and use our extension approval system to assign status to customer submission. Send customer email notification informing about the form submission status change.

custom form approval system
custom form publish submissions

Publish submissions

Display submission data anywhere in Magento frontend. Easily publish collected form data on CMS page or static block. Use form builder approval system to regulate which submissions you wish to publish.

Print to PDF optional

Our feedback form plugin for Magento 2 can export submissions to PDF files from the customer submission data. The extension can be configured to use custom PDF templates which you are able to adjust to your requirements.

The PDF printing feature can be purchased here.

custom form print pdf
custom form reference ticket number

Reference numbering optional

Add configurable reference or ticket number to contact form submissions.

  • Generate unique ticket id for every submission
  • Set reference type, prefix and suffix for selected forms
  • Include ticket numbers in email conversation

Reference numbering feature can be purchased here.

Reply to submissions

Reply to customer submission from Magento admin panel.

custom form reply to submission
  • Convenient 2-column layout with tabs
  • View submission meta information
  • Add Cc and Bcc addresses for multiple recipients
  • Use quick responses for common questions
  • Browse customer order history
  • See all submissions from the same customer

Email notifications

Send custom notifications after submission.

custom form customer notification

Customer notification

Send customizable email notification or auto-reply to customer email address after Magento contact form submission.

custom form approval status notification

Approval status notification

Change the approval status of the Magento contact form submission and send customizable notification to customer email address.

custom form admin notification

Admin notification

Send custom notification to specified Magento store administrator email address. Add BCC configuration to send email copy to another email address.

custom form conditional notification

Conditional notification

Send custom notification to email address selected by the customer. This can be a Magento store department selection or subject related notification.

Permission system

Regulate forms access.

custom form admin permissions
custom form access

Admin access

Assign Magento administrator role to access specific forms or the whole form management section.

custom form customer permissions

Customer permissions

Limit customer group access to selected contact forms. Specify which actions they can perform with their submitted data: view, edit, delete.


Integrate with the 3rd party software.

custom form rest api graphql

Get form information

Get all available contact form information such as name, code, description texts, configuration options, fields and fieldsets.

Submit the form

Submit the contact form using the REST API and GraphQL. You can save any kind of information including files and hidden fields. It's possible to update existing result too.

Get form results

Get the list of all Magento form submissions together with the meta information and field data.

Get result by ID

Get individual result information with meta information and field data.

Integrate with popular CRMs

Zendesk integration optional

Seamlessly create Zendesk tickets from Magento contact form submissions.

  • Configure integration for each Magento form
  • Assign support group for new submissions
  • Set new ticket priority and type
  • Assign followers for the ticket
  • Add custom tags to new tickets

Zendesk Integration can be purchased here.

zendesk logo
mailchimp logo

Mailchimp integration optional

Easily create Mailchimp contacts from Magento contact form submissions. Map contact form fields to Mailchimp attributes.

  • Map Mailchimp fields to contact form fields
  • Assign Mailchimp tags to new contacts
  • Add Mailchimp groups selector to contact form
  • Use diverse input types for Mailchimp group selection: dropdown, multiselect, radio, checkbox

Mailchimp Integration can be purchased here.

Salesforce integration optional

Create Salesforce leads from Magento contact form submissions. Map Magento contact form fields to Salesforce lead attributes.

  • Map Salesforce fields to contact form fields
  • Map standard and any custom Salesforce attributes

Salesforce Integration can be purchased here.

salesforce logo
zoho crm logo

Zoho CRM integration optional

Generate Zoho CRM leads from web-forms submissions. Map custom Magento 2 form fields to Zoho CRM lead data attributes.

  • Create Zoho CRM Lead out of submission
  • Create Zoho Desk Ticket out of submission
  • Map any standard or custom Zoho CRM attributes to form fields

Zoho CRM Integration can be purchased here.

HubSpot integration optional

Convert submissions to HubSpot contacts, companies or tickets. Map any standard or custom HubSpot entity properties to form fields.

  • Create HubSpot contacts and companies
  • Connect forms to HubSpot ticketing system
  • Map any standard or custom HubSpot properties

HubSpot Integration can be purchased here.

hubspot logo
klaviyo logo

Klaviyo integration optional

Create and track Klaviyo profiles on form submission. Map form fields to Klaviyo profile properties.

  • Create Klaviyo profile on submission
  • Map any standard or custom property
  • Collect GDPR consents
  • Track profile activity

Klaviyo Integration can be purchased here.

Freshdesk integration optional

Create Freshdesk tickets on form submission. Map any standard or custom Freshdesk ticket properties to form fields.

  • Configure Freshdesk integration for each form
  • Assign support group for new submissions
  • Set new ticket priority and type
  • Assign agents for the ticket
  • Add custom tags to new tickets

Freshdesk Integration can be purchased here.

freshdesk logo


highly customizable forms

Easy installation

You have 2 options to install the plugin:

  • Use sFTP program to copy files from zip archive to your server
  • Use Composer to install package from our private repository
custom form integration

Easy integration

  • Use “Insert Widget” button to add form to any CMS page.
  • Use Content > Blocks section to add form to multiple site areas
  • Use XML code to add form through layout file
  • Use PHP code to insert form in phtml template
custom form gdpr compliant

GDPR compliant

Our plugin meets all legal requirements and completely supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Add agreement text with checkbox and define personal data cleanup schedule for every form.

custom form open source

100% open source

The plugin comes 100% in open code and doesn’t have any encoded or obfuscated files.


Choose your options.



Some words from real customers.

Simple yet powerful

Installation is easy, just a few command lines and we're ready to go.
The product is very simple and intuitive to use. It is powerful and yet easy to customize for you needs.

Last but not least, I had an issue with my license for which I had typed an incorrect domain name (my fault) - the developer answered my mail within 5 minutes and corrected the domain. Great support!

Great product

This is bar none the best forms solution for Magento available. The developer provides timely and excellent support when needed.

Awesome Forms, Flexibility and Support

The forms are absolutely beautiful!
The flexibility of the extension is awesome.
The conditional logic, array of field types and possibilities for customization is incredible.
Generation of a PDF is a requirement, and it's met by this extension!
Vladimir provides excellent support quickly, with both advice and answers.


I used M1 extension about 7 years ago (at least) and it was already pretty cool but now this extension is absolutely fantastic.
So far I was able to implement complex forms fitting exactly my customer's needs without having to override or extend a single line of code which was unlikely at the beginning. Although a cool feature would be conditional logic on submit buttons (as you sometimes need a different submit text depending on what have been chosen before) but other than that this is perfect.

Perfect Extension & Service is too good

If this ext. fulfill your need then don't hesitate to purchase.they are very quick to give you support. when I asked something outside of this ext. they try to support & never said sorry! this is outside of this ext. always they try to make you happy.

Excellent Module

Top level service for an excellent module!

If you need custom forms, MageMe has it covered.

Will gladly use again.

Excellent service

Aside from the fact that this extension works as advertised, the service is excellent.
We definitely recommend using it.

Amazing Extension & Super-Fast Support

Installed extension with documentation that was supplied on page with ease. Ran into a problem and had to contact support. Fixed the issue right away! Couldn't be happier!

Great extension and fast support

We use this extension on almost all of our projects and it always works, no matter the complexity of the webshop. Great extension and the support is always fast and helpfull.

Keep it up

Greatest support you can ever get

Vladimir is amazing. When you have problems with a special solution he will instant help you and give you different solutions to help. Or even write the code for you - best support ever.

Amazing Webform Extension for Magento 2

I found this extension a few months back when we were migrating our website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and what an amazing extension it is!

I've never encountered such a straightforward, powerful and easy to use way of creating custom forms for Magento 2. Such a time saver and a really flexible extension.

I have to take time to praise the amazing support Vladimir provides and I only wish other developers were so quick to respond with solutions and advice.

If you want a great Webform for your site don't hesitate, just buy this extension and you won't regret it!

Excellent response times

We plan on scaling up our stores soon and I appreciate your excellent support! I will continue to trust Vladimir and Mage Me with advanced web forms across all my Magento projects! Thanks again!

Must have! Seriously well thought through

This is seriously good! It's so well thought through. Well done on such a great extension.

I would also add that setup couldn't be easier.

If you need extra forms for your store then I can not express enough how much this is worth it.

Well done again.

Powerfull and simple to use

Installed within 5 minutes on a complex theme. Create forms without any knowledge of the product.
***** 5 Stars *****

Has become an Integral Part of My Magento Projects

I randomly encountered this module on google. At first I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true.
Once I used it I was blown away by the work MageMe has put into make it robust and useful for any scenario you could throw at it.
Couple that with a reasonable price, its a huge asset to any project going forward as it completely cuts any development time associated with forms.
Have even used it to do a SalesForce integration!
Thanks again!

Amazing Support

Top support and went above and beyond my expectations. 1 year after integration, ran into a problem and I was helped within 24 hours and the issue was resolved. Thanks

Very Good Plugin and Awesome and Fast Support

We are using this plugin for last 2 of our websites and will use it again on our next website that we are building. Has all the options that we needed even more than that. I highly recommend it on every magento installation.

Great, stable extension

Today I saw I purchased my 4th license for this product. Time to leave a review, I`m very satisfied about the product ánd the support. Lately I had some troubles with the plugin slowing down my backend, it was solved quickly in a new version. The plugin has great features and works out of the box. Thanks for a great extension!

Highly recommended!

This extension has provided vital functionality to our latest project. It is powerful and verstile.
The support, when we have needed it, has always been not only super-quick, but Vladimir has always come back to us with a solution that works. This was not due to any problems with the extension, but questions of functionality or us wanting to do something outside of the normal scope of the extension. And Vladimir never let us down.
Many thanks Vladimir for all your help. A great extension, and the best support in the business!

amazing !!

Here is a wonderful, amazing, extension. This web-form builder have to many capabilities !!

This is a must have to let you manage like a boss your survey, forms, customer relations.

As complex as the forms you need should be, you'll can make them with WebForms.

Easy to install, working very well, and very easy to take in hand,

I strongly recommend this Magento's extension !!!

Amazing, must have, web form builder

This is the best web form extension i had ever used !!
amazing with very large capabilities !
so easy to install and take in hand to do what we need with :)
i had made complex forms, very nice surveys, and some customer relationship forms too :)
Wonderful, it works far better than expected :)

Excellent Extension

This extension is packed with a lot of features, very well thought through. I am very impressed. I only use it for one main purpose but seeing how easy it is to create forms now, I will definitely use it for other forms on more pages. Awesome thanks!

High quality extension and great support

We use it on 2 of our sites. Does exactly what it says with great support from the dev.

Awesome extension, awesome support

Ok, this extension works great No surprises there. However what was very surprising to me has been the speed of support that Ive received from this developer.
We all know the nightmares of devs that want to blame EVERYTHING else but their codes. The ones that get back to you long AFTER you needed them. I could go on.
This dev was so quick, that I thought that it HAD to be an auto responder. I'm in the USA, so I'm used to discovering a problem and having to wait a full day before someone on the other side of the world gets to my issue.
I'm pretty sire that these devs actually ARE in the ether, bc both times I've requested help, its been very early or very late and BOTH times, I got an instant response that fixed my issue.
Thx for being awesome. Oh, yeah and the extension really is all that you will ever need - completely configurable, powerful, great.

Really useful extension and lightning support!

Thank you Vladimir for your super fast support!
Kind regards

Best extension for forms and best support ever

The extension works out of the box.
Also we had some customization whishes, the developer Vladimir did it. Fast and reliable!!! Thumbs up!
Just enjoy this extension!!!!!

Great module, and superb support.

This is a top notch module and I would recommend to anyone. It greatly simplifies adding forms to a Magento installation, saving time, effort and money. The post purchase support is also of the highest calibre.

Customer service, Timely responses and totally awesome!!!!

Vladimir has always been there for us for every request regardless of how custom we need to make our forms. Out of all the developers I have ever purchased extensions from, Vladimir ranks #1 sky high, no question. I wish he created more extensions!!!

Thanks Vladimir!!!!!! You Rock!!!!

Great extension, excellent features

I have to admit, we had some minor complications upon initial installation. After that, however, we've been very impressed with the extension. It is very well thought out and supports an impressive amount of functionality.

Essential Extension!!!

Forms are notoriously painful to implement and test.
This extension allows you to quickly and easily create very advanced forms that will extend the functionality of your store and create a fantastic user experience for your users and an easier admin management of the submitted information.
Vladimir is not only generous with his time, he is also very professional and exceeded my expectations on every level.
I would not hesitate to recommend this extension or Vladimir's support!

Excellent extension / Excellent support

We won countless hours for our project by buying this extension.
It works like a charm and everything is configurable in details.

Also the support replied within less an hour by night.. What else can we say :
Excellent work here by MageMe, and also excellent support.

Thanks again

Great Forms Extension with over 200% support

Not only the extension is good the developer is a great guy as well. He has patience for novices like me too.
The extension is not just an ordinary form extension. It has intelligence built into it as well. Fully customizable and over 200% quick support.
Thanks Vladimir

Very good extension !!!!!

I really like this extension and the support is excellent

Excellent extension

This is an excellent extension and quick support. Highly recommended


I am using with CE and multiple stores using different domains. Installation was a little tricky - but the developer jumped in and helped right away.
I found one other bug with the multiple domain/store usage of the software and emailing out to the customer. The developer looked at this and fixed it right away.
I LOVE this software. I'm getting many email leads off of my sites. I cannot image using anything else!
I would recommend this to everyone else to use. It works as described.

Great extension, Worth Every Penny

I really like this extension and the support is exelent

Great extension, great support with superb functionality.

One of the best extensions available for Magento. Thanks

Get it, you will be glad you did!!!

I validate all that has been said in earlier comments. Simply put, this extension rocks! I am under pressure to finish a project that is far behind schedule, yet I had to find the time to add some comments of praise to the developer and this extension!

Worth every cent

The support we got to make the extension running on our complex system was really good. We use the extension in multiple projects and it works great. Never hesitate to buy this extension it is well worth every cent of it!

Great experience, and we highly recommend this extension

This extension is pretty intuitive to use and has all the controls for various form fields that we needed. When asking a question about some special Javascript we had to add to the page, the support was direct and to the point.

Best Extension Out There

This is a really great extension, very well coded and has a very intuitive user experience. The support is the best in the industry, better than Amasty, Aheadworks, and MageWorld. If you are looking for an easy way to interface with your customers using custom forms and emails, this is the extension for you. This extension is rich with useful functionality, a must-have for any serious e-commerce site.

I can't wait til he creates a full fledged help desk solution out of this extension, all other options currently fall short of this level of quality and well thought out design. Thanks for the great extension!

Highly Recommended!

This is a really great extension, very well coded and has a very intuitive user experience. Support is best in the industry, better than Amasty, Aheadworks, and MageWorld. If you are looking for an easy way to interface with your customers using custom forms and emails, this is the extension for you. This extension is rich with useful functionality, a must-have for any serious e-commerce site.
Most extensions fall short of this level of quality and well thought out design.

this is a must have extension

This is a must have after trying community version.
We loved it... We are in IT repair, service and supply industry.
Having such an editable form made our jobs soo much easier.
Some major insurance company is even modifying their website's functionality to be like your extension..

After the upgrade to 2.1.0, allowing the editing of the webform results, this extension now is essential for me to install on all of my customer and friend's website..

thank you Mr Vladimir Popov

Very good

Very good forms program I would recommend it to anyone wanting forms on there website.

Excellent extension

We've purchased many times and used on many implementations with no issues. Support has been great as well. Lastly, the code is well structured and follows best practices.

I like this module very much

Next to it the Support is fast. Thanks

Uber awesome!

I am one very happy user of this module. I've been using this module for almost a year and this has never failed me. Very stable. When I was just starting out, the developer is one of the most professional that I have come across with, be it in Magento or even in other platforms (Joomla, Wordpress) I have worked in. If 5 stars is the highest, I will give him the maximum.

With regards to the product, I use it in 4 pages of our website. And it really packs a punch! Our customers can send feedback, reviews, questions and even attached their files with this one great module. Easy to implement, and customize to your needs. What more can you ask for?Buy this module now!

Highly recommend

I normally don't review Commercial Extensions unless I am informing other potential victims of design flaws, serious bugs or crappy service. I'm pretty tough on software and software developers alike mainly because I firmly believe, software should work exactly as advertised if you're paying for it.
That being said, I LOVE this extension and MageMe offers top notch support. This extension has become the main source of communication between my customers and I. I've replaced the standard magento contact form, added a Price Match, Product Question, RFQ, RMA Request form and Testimonial Form to every page.
I highly recommend this extension for anyone who want's to communicate with their customers or potential customers easily.

Awesome extension

Very easy to use. Purchased it with installation service as well. And it was installed within 4 hours after I purchased the extension. Very good support. Highly recommended!

Great extension, easy to use and modify

For those of you who want to add your own logic to the forms the extension comes packed full of event listeners/observers/hooks. Support is amazing... and I mean AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!

The best!

This extension is worth EVERY PENNY. Powerful functionality, easy to use Administrator add-in, great looking forms, and phenomenal customer support.

Fast becoming an essential tool for me

Very useful product that saves a lot of time when designing and building forms. The extra features can be used for surveys, polls and even competitions.

Highly recommend

Excellent product and very well supported.

Great extension!

MageMe follows up in a timely manner and makes sure that you have a smooth install. Highly knowledgeable about how Magento works.

The best

Easily one of the best extensions I have ever purchased. It is so easy to use and the support is great.

Good support

I start using the free extension and MageMe was answering the inquires i had I think the free extension it is good for most of inquires scenarios.
Because i wanted some extra functionality i went to the pro edition that has a lot more features that would take me more than the money I paid to build it.
MageMe is very professional and supportive. The module is very complete and easy to extend if you have some idea of layouts and templates.


- Very responsive author
- Gr8 extension
- Well priced

Great extension

Great extension, great support.. works wonderfull.. Happy user!

Great support!

I had 2 issues with this extension probably because of my theme.
I would like to point out that the developer solved all of them in extremely short period responding to all emails.
I have bought the prof version which deserves the money , I highly recommend it, one of the very best extensions available in Magento and in a very reasonable price.

Best of all is the after sales support! EXCELLENT!!!!

it's really quick and easy

Very useful and time-saving extension for Magento, the Pro version is worth the price, it's really quick and easy to design new forms !
I had a little problem, mailed the author, and received an instant reply ... I made several enhancements suggestions, they were included a few days later in an update.
This is a great, efficient extension with very good support ... no doubt : it's worth the price !!
***** 5 Stars *****
(without hesitation)


This extension is absolutly the BEST EXTENSION for Webforms. It was never been easier to set up some forms for magento. Great work and service from MageMe after bought the professional extension.
Great job, good service and fantastic extension!

This extension is amazing

This extension is amazing - well worth the money if you want to take the headache out of creating forms that validate easily. One of the best extensions I've purchased - and the support has been excellent.
Write your own review:


May 9 2023
  • New: Html Block field now supports Page Builder editor.
  • Fix: logic behavior improved for "hide" rules.
  • Fix: logic improved for gallery type field.
  • Fix: data migration script fixed for deleted customer accounts.
Apr 12 2023
  • New: swatches input type.
  • New: date picker can now have the default value.
  • New: page_info variable added to email templates.
  • New: Magento 2.4.6 compatibility improvements.
  • Change: image (in image upload field) is not upscaled now if it has smaller dimensions than specified.
  • Change: multi-step form scrolls to form top on next step if form top is not visible.
Mar 19 2023
  • New: captcha script refactored.
  • New: Cloudflare Turnstile integration added.
  • New: hCaptcha integration added.
  • New: region field can now be linked directly to the fixed country.
  • Other: stability and compatibility improvements.
Mar 5 2023
  • Change: logic script refactored to resolve conflicts with great number of logic rules.
  • Change: dropzone script refactored to allow multiple usages of the same form on the page.
  • Change: added pager to customer order grid on results reply page.
  • Change: removed width controls enable/disable switches from form edit page.
  • Fix: form description can now be translated by csv file as well.
Feb 1 2023
  • New: unread counter speed optimisations.
  • Fix: newsletter subscription can be checked by default.
  • Fix: logic rules field visibility issues solved for specific form configurations.
  • Change: radio group email template variable now display db value.
  • Change: hidden can now store URL parameter.
  • Change: customVar, widget, block codes now work in hidden field values.
  • Change: datepicker field init script moved from layout to template.
Dec 13 2022
  • New: Google Map input field type.
  • New: admin notification sender name and email parameters.
  • New: improved custom variables support in success text.
  • New: custom variables support in form scripts.
  • New: text UPPERCASE/lowercase transformation on save.
  • New: reCAPTCHA now works with locale languages.
  • Fix: hashed symbols when using variable codes with pre-filled fields.
  • Fix: logic fix for disabled fieldsets.
  • Fix: access denied message for forms with limited access.
  • Fix: newline characters in form scripts.
Sep 20 2022
  • New: hide label option in the fieldset design tab.
  • Fix: date of birth field year rendering fixed for some locales.
  • Fix: admin forms now render select groups correctly.
Sep 8 2022
  • New: regex validation improved and now supports flags.
  • New: customer ip address column is now available in results grid.
  • Fix: multiselect grid columns now display all multi-selected values.
  • Other: minor fixes.
Aug 29 2022
  • Fix: date input is now formatted to store locale in emails.
  • Fix: date range validation without year specified fixed.
Aug 22 2022
  • New: Magento 2.4.5 compatibility.
  • New: phone number input type.
  • New: field mask input.
  • New: success text as a session message parameter on redirection.
  • New: manage quick responses admin ui improved.
  • New: year support added in disabled dates in date picker.
  • New: option to set which result statuses allow customer to edit it.
  • New: store view parameter added to result widget.
  • Improvement: date range is now additionally checked on PHP level.
  • Fix: field validation fixed for hidden fieldset.
Jul 4 2022
  • Fix: state/province fixed for customer registration approval.
  • Fix: approval notification fixed on customer edit page.
  • Other: WebForms position in Magento admin menu updated.
Jun 21 2022
  • Fix: Gallery image is now visible in the PDF export.
  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility improvements.
  • Other: minor admin ui styling changes.
Jun 10 2022
  • Fix: Magento 2.4.4 / PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes.
May 17 2022
  • New: Hyvä Themes compatibility introduced.
  • New: option to switch data presentation for select fields in admin grid.
  • New: rating block refactored for result listing widget.
  • Fix: accessible datepicker visibility fixed.
  • Other: miscellaneous small code fixes.
Apr 20 2022
  • Fix: button with popup template compatibility fixed.
Apr 18 2022
  • New: Magento 2.4.4 / PHP 8.1 compatibility.
  • New: prefill cc or bcc of reply with admin email.
  • New: button with popup form widget improved.
  • New: right slide-out text orientation changed.x
  • Fix: double customer email notification fixed.
  • Fix: tooltip visibility in slide-out form fixed.
  • Fix: migration script fixed for db with prefix.
Mar 8 2022
  • Fix: impossible to delete customer with results fixed.
  • Fix: deleted website caused problems in results listing fixed.
  • Fix: compatibility with Swagger fixed.
  • Other: technical code improvements.
Feb 2 2022
  • New: Its now possible to turn off the WebForms admin toolbar.
  • Fix: plugin now works correctly in configurations with db table prefixes.
Jan 24 2022
  • Fix: result filter performance greatly improved for extra large forms.
  • Fix: all text and hidden field value variables from v2 are working now.
  • Fix: disabling Use Unique IDs is working as expected now.
  • Other: small fixes and general improvements.
Jan 11 2022
  • Fix: result widget image size is now set from widget parameters.
  • Fix: conditional logic fixed for Contact field type.
  • Other: improved admin ui compatibility with other 3rd party plugins.
  • Other: small fixes and improvements.
Dec 27 2021
  • New: GraphQL support added.
  • Fix: customer account Add/View/Edit permissions are now more strict.
  • Fix: reply-to email address was not set properly on some forms.
  • Fix: customer result editing is not affected by FPC anymore.
  • Fix: enabling Magento translations is now applied to almost all text parameters.
  • Other: miscellaneous small improvements.
Nov 27 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The license allows activation of the plugin within one production Magento instance with multiple store views.

The license can be freely deactivated and moved to another Magento instance if needed.

The plugin you purchase is for lifetime usage but the access to technical support and updates is limited to one year. So in case you need to get the extension update or require technical support after a year you will need to prolong the license.

You can activate the purchased license in the development/staging environment and then move the license to the production environment by deactivating it in the admin panel and re-activating it in the new instance.

Please contact us if you require additional development licenses.

Yes, you can do that by contacting us.

No, we don't offer customizations for our modules but you can submit the feature request and it will be reviewed by our team.

Yes, you can customize our plugins to your needs. All our plugins come in 100% open code.

You can change the license from Community to Enterprise / Cloud by paying the difference cost. Please contact us for details.

You won't have access to product updates after the support period is ended and we won't be able to provide you with technical support.

You can extend your support period by paying the discounted product price.

You can request the refund within 30 days after the initial purchase. Please find more details on our Refund Policy page.