WebForms Pro 3. What's new?

Admin toolbar

New admin toolbar makes the plugin a lot more convenient.

custom form admin toolbar
  1. Placed in the toolbar next to the notification bell icon.
  2. Quickly access most used forms.
  3. Unread counter alarms about new submissions.

Slide-out form

Now customers can instantly contact you with the slide-out form on any page of the site.

custom form slide out

New multi-step template

The new multi-step template is a lot better looking and a lot more convenient.

custom multi-step forms

Improved Captcha

New captchas added: Cloudflare Turnstile and hCaptcha.

cloudflare turnstile captcha

New reply to customer page

The reworked reply screen brings a lot of new options.

custom form reply to submission

New features have been added to the reply page:

  1. New convenient 2-column layout
  2. Customer email input with the ability to reply to different email
  3. Cc and Bcc parameters to send copies of the email
  4. Download all result files in zip archive
  1. Attach files to the reply message
  2. Browse customer order history from the reply screen
  3. Browse all other form results from the same customer
  4. Quick response section improved with categories

Email customer custom files

Send custom files via email to the customer after successful submission.

  • Send files to the customer right after form submission.
  • Attach any number and any type of files to customer email.
  • Email customer special offers, catalogs, marketing booklets.
custom form customer notification attachments

Text input mask

Apply alpha-digital mask to the input field to set the desired format.

text input mask

Phone number input

Configurable field type for the phone number input.

phone number input field

Google Map input

Add the ability to specify the location by using Google Maps widget.

google map location picker

Gallery input field

New gallery input field allows creating image selections with ease.

custom form gallery image selection

Just drop image files in the field edit page.

custom form gallery image selection upload

Improved date picker configuration

New options allow you to limit date selection.

custom form date picker
  1. Disable certain days of the week.
  2. Disable future dates with the ability for offset.
  3. Disable past dates with the ability for offset.
  4. Disable specified dates or date ranges.

Page Builder integration

Use new WebForms blocks within the Magento 2 Page Builder interface.

custom form page builder blocks

Form SEO parameters

New parameters allow you to quickly set SEO friendly form URL and page meta information.

custom form search engine optimization seo

Form script parameters

Attach analytics scripts or any other JavaScript code to the form submission.

custom form script javascript analytics


Integration with the 3rd party software is now available via REST and GraphQL protocols.

custom form rest api graphql

Get form information

Get all available form information such as name, code, description texts, configuration options, fields and fieldsets.

Submit the form

Submit the form using the REST API and GraphQL. You can save any kind of information including files and hidden fields. Its possible to update existing result too.

Get form results

Get the list of all form submissions together with the meta information and field data.

Get result by ID

Get individual result information with meta information and field data.

New form design parameters

The design section has been significantly extended.

custom form design parameters

Widget parameters

All widget parameters are now stored in the design configuration block of each form.

CSS styling

CSS classes and CSS styling have been added to design settings for your convenience.

Submit button position

Define the submit button position: left, right or center.

Submit button size

Set the submit button size: normal, large or extra large.

New admin permissions

Admin role permission system has been extended with new options.

custom form admin permissions

Form management permissions

Now you can grant custom form permissions: add new form, save form and delete form.

Result permissions

Grant permissions for results for chosen forms: edit result and reply to customer.

Refactored code

WebForms has been refactored to the next level and is almost a new plugin code wise.

Component based admin UI

Admin UI has been recoded and is now based on components.

Full DI compatibility

A lot of work has been put into making WebForms as modular and as extensible as possible.

Removed all legacy dependencies

All included JavaScript libraries have been revised and updated to the most recent versions. PrototypeJS dependency has been completely removed.

Prefill customer data changed

New mechanism of prefilling customer data through the CustomerData object solves common caching issues.

Simplified licensing system

All new MageMe extensions will be using the simplified licensing mechanism.

Instance based

No more domain / server types. The new instance based license allows Software usage on a single Magento 2 production instance.

Multiple domains

Multiple domains are licensed automatically on a single Magento 2 production instance.

New type of serial numbers

New serial numbers are not directly attached to the domain names anymore and don't require any updates from our side if you change your site domain name or hosting server.

Activation and deactivation

You can activate and deactivate license manually from the admin panel. This way you can transfer the license between web-sites if needed.

Hyvä Theme support

All new MageMe extensions have Hyvä Theme compatibility now.

  1. Full support for Hyvä Theme based stores.
  2. Requires Hyvä Theme compatibility module which can be downloaded from the official repository.
  3. All of WebForms 3 add-ons received Hyvä Theme compatibility as well.

Breeze Theme support

WebForms offers full compatibility with Breeze themes now.

Magento 2 Breeze Theme

The Breeze theme for Magento 2 is a cutting-edge frontend solution designed to optimize store performance and enhance user experience. It offers a blend of speed technologies, elegant design, and developer-friendly tools, ensuring both mobile and desktop users benefit from swift page loads and a modern interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For owners of WebForms Pro M2 license the upgrade comes at 30% discount of the new license cost.

You can upgrade your WebForms Pro M2 license from My Licenses page.

The upgrade button is located next to your serial number.

The download link to WebForms 3 will be added to your account after the license upgrade.

Old license was attached to the domain name while the new license is attached to a Magento 2 instance. It means that you can use the new license within one Magento 2 production installation with multiple stores/domains.

The new license automatically carries over if you change your hosting or update your site domains.

No, upgrading the license will delete the old license, so it will no longer be available.

No, WebForms Pro M2 was discontinued on November 1st 2022.

No, all your forms and submission from WebForms Pro M2 version can be easily migrated to the new version using simple console command.

No, unfortunately, due to the large core code refactoring all customizations to the plugin should be reviewed and adjusted.

Yes, we can give you temporary development license for this purpose. Please Contact Us for details.